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The New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce serves a diverse membership of businesses of every size, from nearly every industry, in every community across New York and around the world. The Chamber engages our members online with other members and through events and seminars and networking opportunities. It also offers an advertising platform (weekly e-Blasts, banner ads, sponsorship, and much more), giving your business the chance to grow its visibility and referrals.

The Carlton Tel Aviv: Stunning views and attention to detail on the Mediterranean

Are you seeking a luxury hotel that offers the amenities of a beachfront vacation combined with the attractions of a modern, bustling city? The Carlton…

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As for Kosher & Sabbath in Aichi & Central Japan Travel

Let’s explore Aichi and its connection to the Jewish people! – It’s not always easy for Jewish travelers, especially for those who keep strictly kosher…

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Discover the Jewish Heritage, and The Historic Synagogues of Istanbul, Turkey

A Jewish community has existed in Turkey since the 4th century BCE, as archaeological findings have indicated Jewish settlement in the Aegean region such as…

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10 gadgets for your Hanukkah and Christmas gift list

We’ve got suggestions at different price points for everything from opening your wine to minding your baby. This is the season to be shopping, with…

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Uncovering layers of history with the Izmir Jewish Heritage Project, Turkey

New York Jewish Travel Guide sat down with Mr. Nesim Bencoya, Cultural Heritage Project Manager to ask a few questions about The Izmir Jewish Heritage…

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How to hack your metabolism and improve your health

An effort to improve nutrition for an Ironman race led twins, Michal and Merav Mor, to develop a company that can improve our metabolic health….

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