9 apps to help you organize your life

Try these apps on your mobile device to keep your head above water both at home and at work. We all have too much to…

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Israeli Foodpreneurs Adapt Culinary Concepts To Coronavirus Reality.

Israel has been on partial lockdown due to COVID-19 for less than a week now, with authorities taking increasingly stringent measures to stem the coronavirus…

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Falafel Day Fundraising Venture To Help Small Businesses Survive COVID-19

Falafel, the deep-fried chickpea ball of yumminess, and a long-time symbol of street food in Israel is claiming a new title role this week as…

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Rediscovering the Jewish Heritage of Porto, Portugal

The contribution of Portuguese Jews to world history is enormous and its history is inseparable from the Jewish presence in Portugal between the 5th and…

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Virtual trainer keeps you fit even when stuck at home

Israeli tech startup Kemtai brings a personal trainer into your home even when you’re in lockdown. In the new normal of lockdowns and quarantines, home…

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The neighborhood service that can transform your online deliveries

Post-purchase company Bond not only prevents awaiting your delivery from becoming a nightmare but gets it to you in the most personal way. When it…

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