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The New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce serves a diverse membership of businesses of every size, from nearly every industry, in every community across New York and around the world. The Chamber engages our members online with other members and through events and seminars and networking opportunities. It also offers an advertising platform (weekly e-Blasts, banner ads, sponsorship, and much more), giving your business the chance to grow its visibility and referrals.

“Panama’s Jewish Community: A Tapestry of Tradition, Leadership, and Enduring Legacy”

Nestled at the entrance of the Pacific Ocean side of the Panama Canal, Panama City stands as a breathtaking marvel. Acknowledged as one of the…

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Discover Torun’s medieval charm and Jewish Heritage

Nestled in the northern reaches of Poland, Torun is a medieval gem renowned as the birthplace of the illustrious astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Beyond its celestial…

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Discover the Jewish Heritage Path in Lengnau and Endingen, Switzerland

Only two miles apart, two communities in Zurich’s northwest escaped World War II with their homes, functioning institutions, and a variety of Jewish landmarks still…

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Malta Offers an Endless Mediterranean Summer in the Fall Full of Festivals, Events & Sunshine and an Opportunity to Explore Jewish Heritage

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo & Comino, a Mediterranean archipelago, offer visitors an off-season Summer experience in the Fall months with a diverse…

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Discover the Jewish heritage and beauty of Lucerne

Lucerne is beyond picturesque; it’s quaint, quiet, and charming, waiting to be discovered. As a combination of nature and the city, there’s no shortage of…

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Getting to Know Geneva’s Jewish Community

Situated along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Geneva sparkles as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It is home…

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