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Join the New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce

Unlock a wealth of experiences, networks, and opportunities that foster meaningful business relationships among professionals. Benefit from our extensive network of over 1000 members in New York, spanning diverse industries such as finance, technology, law, accounting, communications, and more, ranging from publicly traded corporations to entrepreneurs.


Experience effective advertising with targeted campaigns at a fraction of the usual cost. Leverage social media posts, conferences, email blasts, and inclusion in the Chamber’s e-commerce directory across various sectors like luxury, food & beverage, finance, technology, law, accounting, and communications.


Seize numerous networking opportunities with dozens of events each year tailored to enhance your business, acquire new clients, develop new skills, and stay informed about community happenings. Benefit from customized introductions, segmented industry events, and online networking tools.


Amplify your business exposure—an investment that members consistently find valuable. As part of the New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce, you have ample opportunities for maximum exposure to spread the word about your business.

Connect with fellow members through customized introductions, segmented industry events, and efficient online networking tools.

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The New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce is your gateway to a vibrant business community and unparalleled opportunities for growth.


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