NVIDIA unveils advanced computing products with Israeli ties.

New hybrid accelerated/quantum computing systems and new supercomputing cloud services have blue-and-white elements.

There’s an Israeli connection to two keynote announcements by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at the computing giant’s online GPU Technology Conference last week for AI and the metaverse.

The biggest news is NVIDIA’s introduction of DGX Quantum — the first-ever graphics processors (GPU) accelerated system for quantum computing — developed together with Israeli startup Quantum Machines.

Bringing together the world’s most powerful accelerated computing platform with the world’s most advanced quantum control platform, OPX, by Quantum Machines, will enable the development of powerful hybrid algorithms and applications that combine quantum computing with classical accelerated computing.

The Israeli Quantum Computing Center, currently under construction and led by Quantum Machines, will be the first to integrate and offer DGX Quantum.

“We are heading toward a new age of quantum computing that is more accessible to more researchers than ever,” said Itamar Sivan, cofounder, and CEO of Quantum Machines.

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA on the DGX Quantum system will enable a new generation of innovators to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.”

Huang also announced NVIDIA DGX Cloud, a new cloud service providing supercomputing capabilities for the development of advanced AI directly from the browser.

Based on advanced GPUs and fast communication technology developed by NVIDIA’s 3,000-employee R&D team in Israel, DGX Cloud will offer subscribers direct access to AI infrastructure and the software platforms required for training advanced generative AI models.

Yael Asseraf Shenhav, VP Product for BlueField DPU. Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Oracle Cloud, one of NVIDIA’s partners in hosting DGX Cloud infrastructure, chose the NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU chip — developed in Israel — as the accelerated communication and security technology for its data centers.

A series of new cloud services that will operate on top of DGX Cloud, enabling companies to build and operate generative AI models and large language models, includes language understanding and processing service NeMo, which supports 100 languages including Hebrew.

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