NVIDIA unveils advanced computing products with Israeli ties.

New hybrid accelerated/quantum computing systems and new supercomputing cloud services have blue-and-white elements. There’s an Israeli connection to two keynote announcements by NVIDIA CEO Jensen…

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Discovering the Jewish Heritage of Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey’s fourth-largest city, in the northwestern part of Anatolia, is shrouded in mystery and legends and was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire from…

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Sky-high investments in Israeli space-tech startups

Earth & Beyond Ventures launches with an announcement to put $125 million into local deep tech and space startups. Israeli space tech just got a…

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The Carlton Tel Aviv: Stunning views and attention to detail on the Mediterranean

Are you seeking a luxury hotel that offers the amenities of a beachfront vacation combined with the attractions of a modern, bustling city? The Carlton…

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As for Kosher & Sabbath in Aichi & Central Japan Travel

Let’s explore Aichi and its connection to the Jewish people! – It’s not always easy for Jewish travelers, especially for those who keep strictly kosher…

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Discover the Jewish Heritage, and The Historic Synagogues of Istanbul, Turkey

A Jewish community has existed in Turkey since the 4th century BCE, as archaeological findings have indicated Jewish settlement in the Aegean region such as…

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