The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

  • The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of life in the New York Metropolitan Area for businesses, workers, residents, and visitors. It provides valuable services to over 30,000 business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Greater New York business community.
  • Every day, the chamber helps small businesses and corporations grow and save money! Its staff handles hundreds of phone calls, mail requests, e-mail messages, and business meetings. The Chamber has formed alliances with business leaders, trade associations, sister chambers, government agencies, civic officials, and foreign dignitaries to accomplish its goals of business and community service.
  • The Chamber also promotes networking, business expos, educational forums, and international trade events. It produces an economic development guide and hosts its world-famous Internet site at (the official New York City domain). The chamber issues and stamps documentation for international trade exportation, i.e., certificates of origin, free sales, bills of lading, and GMPs.
  • The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is an approved New York State not-for-profit organization recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce. It operates under Rule 501(c)(6) as an exempt organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. It also maintains a charitable fund to help assist local chambers, trade organizations, and civic groups under IRS Rule 501(c)(3) and a political action committee.

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