Advertise with the New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce

Chamber advertising remains a highly effective and popular means of promoting your company and brand to fellow member businesses. Whether you aim to establish your identity, generate leads, or highlight your corporate responsibility initiatives, the Chamber is here to amplify your message. Explore the multitude of advertising opportunities available on the New York Jewish Chamber website to strategically expose your business to your target market. Let the Chamber be your partner in enhancing visibility and fostering meaningful connections within the vibrant business community.

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

When searching for businesses and services, people look to the Chamber of Commerce. Being a member of the New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce brings many exciting opportunities to you and your business. Here is a list of what is available to you:

  • Banner Ads (Leaderboard Banner, Rectangular, and More)
  • Category Banner Ads
  • Online Videos
  • Featured Article
  • Weekly E-Blasts and Our Newsletter
  • Member Directory Listing

Elevate your brand exposure through a Chamber sponsorship, offering a high-impact and cost-efficient strategy to showcase your company throughout the broader business community.

Membership Discount Program

Participate in the Membership Discount Program, where all members can present promotional discounts to encourage local shopping within the Chamber community. Your promotion will be actively advertised to all members. When they engage with your business, they’ll present their discount card, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your promotion within the Chamber network.

NYJCC Electronic Newsletter

Stay connected through our weekly electronic newsletter, featuring Chamber information, events, benefits, and special offers. It includes a list of new members, member news, a community calendar, and member-to-member discounts. Explore advertising opportunities with vertical and horizontal ads. The newsletter is produced weekly and published on Tuesday or Wednesday, with the submission deadline on Friday of each week.

For inquiries about placing your ad on the website, contact us at 917-670-1280 or Strengthen your brand presence and engagement within the New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce community.



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