We Organize Your Event

The New York Jewish Chamber of Commerce organizes your own events. and a qualified audience.

So you’ve decided to organize a conference. Quite a task!

You should start planning the conference at least six months prior to the date. (For a larger conference, the planning might start a year in advance.)

You must have a million questions on your mind. Where do you start? How do you find the right speakers to invite? Which venue will best suit your needs?

The truth is, even though organizing a conference is a demanding endeavor, you’re not the first one to face it.

It’s all about following a few specific steps.

We can help you organize a conference and walk you through the main steps involved, which will make your job a lot easier.

Ready to start arranging that conference?

In addition, you will benefit from great visibility on our website and e-newsletter, and the invitation to your event will be emailed directly to our members’ database.

To inquire about placing your ad on the website, please contact us at 917-670-1280 or


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